Together, Beyond

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Who We Are

We believe God has no limits

In everything He did, Jesus broke beyond boundaries of circumstance, religion, and even death. 

Knowing this, we choose to seek the Lord, in order to see Him move 

In Us. Through Us. Beyond Us. 


Where We're At

Services & Fellowship


10 AM

Facebook - Praise Chapel Pasadena 

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, we are temporarily livestreaming our Sunday services on our Facebook page until further notice.

We are planning and looking forward to getting back to in person services as soon as possible!

In-Person Fellowship

Connecting through crisis

We're beginning to connect with each other in different settings like home groups, care-package deliveries, and even outdoor worship services (of course, while practicing social distancing).

Social Media

Faith in your feed

Check out our Facebook page and Instagram profile for encouraging content and media

Facebook - Pcxpasadena

Instagram - Pcxpasadena


What You'll Find

Our goal is live an 'Ultra' lifestyle

'Ultra' = Beyond

At Praise Chapel Pasadena, our calling is to live beyond ourselves in faith, hope, and love.

What God is doing in us, is also meant to flow through us impacting lives, situations, and eternity beyond us. 

We live this out by embracing a every opportunity to grow in God through the following


Prayer & Fasting



Developing spiritual gifts

Leadership training


Church Planting

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Where You Fit

The Gospel is good news to all, only if carried by all.

We believe God has placed giftings on every single person to build the church, equip the saints, and impact eternity for the lost. 

Every person, prayer, and form of contribution counts in this work.

Our growth track highlights our path to getting involved: 

Belong > Believe > Build > Become > Go Beyond

Join our Sunday livestream, follow/share our socials, and get connected for in-person community

Pray for us! 

Journey us in our church-planting adventure by volunteering in ministry. 

Donate to the work in Pasadena by clicking one of our giving options:

Text 2 Give

Send a text message to the following number with a dollar amount: 


*One time registration

Cash App





How We Connect


(562) 665-2535

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